Patterns of Learning

Pattern 3 - Changing your world

Pattern 3

Pattern 3 is about changing the world or at least the part of the world you are involved with! The interpersonal dimension of learning has been described as 'learning as participation'. In this third pattern of learning the focus is on your behaviour. To succeed here you need to be willing to try new things; to investigate possible opportunities; to work with other people as you seek to make a difference. This may not feel comfortable to you. And so your learning needs to be around helping you become good enough at each of these aspects so their absence is not holding you back.

However small or large the world you might wish to change, that world itself will be changing and to succeed you need to be able to adapt. When facing any issue the question to ask yourself now is, 'What changes in your behaviour might help you address this?' The interpersonal dimension is the complement to the intrapersonal one in the world of emotional intelligence and it resonates with Stephen R. Covey's 'circle of influence'. What this model does, however, is integrate all the dimensions of learning into a single framework that helps you become the complete professional.